Network Radio

NWR #051

Kanen Oblias is a business entrepreneur, creative visionary, and a history enthusiast. He is the CEO of The Avant Garde Group, and Cognatus LLC. He's also a ...

NWR #050

Brian Kelly is the current chairman of the Libertarian Party of Orange County. He resides in Orange Park, California. Brian earned his engineering degree from C...

NWR #047
Dylan Watkins
January 27

Network Radio welcomes Dylan Watkins, CEO of Monster VR, a virtual reality studio, to discuss the new world of virtual reality. Dylan found his inspiration ...

NWR #046
Dr. Jen Bright Heart
January 25

We welcome back the lovely Dr. Jen Bright Heart for a second time on Network Radio! Dr. Jen Bright Heart is a licensed marriage and family therapist and de...

NWR #43
Lilly Safarian
December 12

Lilly Safarian is "an international mediation practitioner and spoken word poet." She is certified in Soul Based Living, founded by Raul Rosales, and practices ...

NWR #042
November 30

Khanverse is a Chicago-based entrepreneur, writer, speaker, revolutionary hiphop and spoken word artist and producer. Khanverse is a founder of Lost Scribe...

NWR #041
Dr. Sesen Negash
November 16

Swiping right, sexting, and inviting someone over to “Netflix and Chill” —these are all fast and easy paths to physical and emotional entanglements, so ho...